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"Where there is great love there are always miracles!" - Willa Cather




Quinn’s Quarters is pleased to announce that we are offering the following products to further the health and wellness of all our equine friends:






Vitamin Mineral Supplement


A high nutrient fortified special formula, manufactured in Canada, utilizing top quality ingredients, Paramount Classic Plus is formulated with a wide range of essential trace minerals and vitamins, in their right proportions, to keep equine performance at it’s best.


Complete listing of ingredients available upon request.  For more information and to order, please contact Donna.





Premium Pine Shavings


• 100% natural pine, biodegradable Kentucky Komfort Shavings

• screened to reduce dust

• larger fluffier flakes

• keeps animals clean and dry

• can be stored inside or outside (heat sealed plastic bags)

• highly absorbent

• easy to clean up

• can be used for horse stables, garden mulch, packaging and more

• 3:1 compression

For more information and to order, please contact Donna.



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